Pilates class Information

'Thank you for introducing me to Pilates. You have no doubt introduced me to a tool which has not only strengthened my muscles and increased my flexibility but which has also helped alleviate the pain in my back and knees' Eleanor


LV Yoga Studio

266 West Street


PO16 8HY

*Face to face classes starting

Saturday 22nd May 2021.

Adult Beginners 6 week Pilates course

9.30am -10.30am

11am - 12pm

*Face to face classes starting

Tuesday 25th May 2021

Adult Beginners 6 week Pilates course

9.30am -10.30am

11am - 12pm

For prices for classes please click here

If you are unable to make my current classes I am looking to expand in 2021 and will be guided by feedback.

This could include but not limited to:

  • Online evening and morning classes

  • Face to Face early evening and morning classes at LV Yoga Studio.

  • Mixed ability, beginner, intermediate, advanced Mat-Based Pilates classes.

What to expect

My class structure is as follows:

Warm up: To include mobility and balance exercises

Main Phrase: Mat- Based Pilates exercises with and without equipment.

Cool down: Stretch and short guided meditation

The video above gives you an idea of the movements involved - there is no requirement for you to move at a super sonic speed though - quite the opposite!

Some classes may include equipment, this will be provided for you.

I will be watching your technique and will make verbal suggestions on how to get the most out of an exercise. I also use a lot of imagery and metaphors in my teaching.

Although my Pilates course is advertised as Beginners if you do have previous knowledge of Pilates please make that known to me on your enrolment form as I will give alternative exercises throughout the class to make sure you are suitably challenged.

Covid Protocols - LV Yoga Studio

Please watch the video above which explains the protocols put in place at LV Yoga Studio to mitigate as much risk as possible.

Self isolation:

To add some flexibility to the 6 week course you have 8 weeks to take your 6 lessons. If you are required to self isolate or have another reason why you can not make a class these extra weeks are put in place for that reason.

If you need to isolate again during the 8 weeks I can record myself teaching and send you the recording after the lesson.

In the event of a 4th lockdown:

Firstly... let's hope this doesn't happen! However, if we do find ourselves in this situation, classes will transfer to online using Google Meet. It is free to create a Google account or I can give you a login to use. I am happy to advise with technology and wouldn't want this to stand in your way.

I would really like to keep the classes going online if/when required 1) In order for you not to lose motivation 2) receive the benefits of a consistent approach to training 3) Be able to support LV Yoga in a period of closure.